Entry #1

leaving NG for a wile

2013-03-30 09:18:01 by soulox6

i cant take this anymore!. I'm leaving NG for a while, BUT, im still on my CPU. I now goto roblox so check me out there. You see it everywhere! I acualy seen one right now. SO my username is soulox6,(of course) and u can sigh up for free! but I get sad right now because all I realy do on here is download music and wach porn (JK!).
So, heres the link:
I'm now sad so bye-bye everybody and shoutout LOUD on roblox any new stuf thats out

leaving NG for a wile


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2013-03-30 09:47:32

http://lolsnaps.com/upload_pic/NobodyCares-221 59.jpg

(Updated ) soulox6 responds:

FUCK YOU DICK HEAD! G minor cares